Blanks Paw

Well, here’s my first blog post and it’s about my cat Blank’s paw. Dumb-ass that my cat is, he somehow managed to break 2 fingers on his paw while playing in the basement. I was outside doing some work in the shed and I hear a crash. I come inside and this picnic table/card table that Nicole and I have is overturned. No cats were around.

Later, I noticed Blank was limping. Long story short, we took him to the vet and discovered he’d broken 2 toes on his paw. Check out the x-rays:

Blank’s X-ray

That’s the full x-ray without any magnification. And here’s the close-up on his right paw:

Blank’s paw

Blank cost us $300 on the initial visit to the vet, for xrays and a cast. *Sigh* If only he weren’t suck a klutze… I got some measure of satisfaction when we took him back later and the doctor gave him a pink cast. Here’s 2 photos of him — in the original green cast and in the new pink cast which he pulled off after 1 day. He’s so insecure…

Anyway, Blank’s doing well and I think he should be back to jumping on picnic tables in another couple weeks.