Xena-Marie, a.k.a. The Walrus, 1998 - 2008

It’s been a rough month for my cats. Blank broke a couple of his toes last month and then this month, we had to have my cat Xena put to sleep. Nicole had noticed that she had stopped eating and kept herself hidden away for most of the day. An X-Ray and blood tests showed only an increased white blood cell count, but a later ultrasound showed fairly extensive cancer in Xena’s kidneys, liver, intestines and lymph nodes.

I received the diagnosis on a Friday and the following Thursday, we had to let her go. I am thankful that Xena was not in any pain and that we had the better part of a week to say our goodbyes.

Xena was my first cat and will always be the best there ever was. When I think of all the things I will miss about her, it breaks my heart. She used to shed so much that I joked I could take all the hair which came off of her and in a matter of weeks, I’d have enough to make another cat. Xena was a sloppy eater and the kitchen floor was constantly covered in food, thanks to her. It was pretty funny to watch her eat — with half the food falling out of her mouth and onto the floor as she chewed.

Xena was one of my best friends and she will not soon be forgotten. Rest in peace, Princess…

Xena attacks!