XBMC Rocks the Hizzy

I spent last weekend tagging my mp3s so I could set up some custom playlists in Xbox Media Center. We have 2 Xboxes in the house (one in the living room and one in the exercise room in the basement), both of which are connected wirelessly to my Windows PC in the office where I have about 80 gigs of mp3s on a shared harddrive.

XBMC has quite a number of kick-ass features, one of which is the ability to set up smart playlists using the id3 tags on your mp3s. My plan was to tag my mp3s by genre and include a “party” genre so I could setup a playlist of all party-friendly, danceable stuff.

I ran into some issues when I was trying to get all my party songs to show up in the playlist, so I posted to the XBMC Forum asking for help. Within an hour, one of the XBMC developers had replied to my post. After a little digging, he verified that I had located a bug with XBMC’s support for multiple genres in smart playlists and he was able to commit a patch to the SVN trunk and offer me a couple suggestions for a temporary workaround.

Needless to say, I was pretty damn impressed with the response I’d gotten to my forum post. Xbox Media Center is the reason why I’d never trade my Xbox for an Xbox 360 and with the project still under active development, it’s only gonna keep getting better. I’m seriously considering buying a third Xbox for the bedroom, so I can watch my downloaded Alf xvids while laying in bed.

I’m just kidding about Alf.

Or am I?