Ubuntu Ink Levels

Using Ubuntu is somewhat of a masochistic choice.

I have one desktop in the basement running Ubuntu, with an HP printer shared to my network over CUPS. Pages were printing faded so I knew I had to replace either the black ink, color ink or both. Unfortunately, the printer settings in the main settings pane said “Ink levels cannot be detected” or some such.

So I spent 20 minutes googling around and installing stuff to try and find out how to view my ink levels. I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I’m squinting at the screen and cursing myself for being so lazy that I won’t run upstairs to grab them.

Finally, I discover there is a program called hp-toolbox that is successfully able to display the ink levels — I need to replace both cartridges after all.

The kicker is I spent 20 minutes trying to figure this out, only to realize I need to use a program I already had installed. Furthermore, the intense feeling of Deja Vu suggests that I did this exact same thing 12 months ago when I last had to view the ink levels.

All this has happened before, and will happen again…