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Sending a Web Page From Your Computer to Your Phone

Sending a web page from your computer to your phone (or from any one computer to another) is a two-step process:
  1. First, use the Link Sync bookmarklet to bookmark the link (a.k.a. "push" the link)
  2. Next, click a generic bookmark on your phone or other computer that will automatically redirect to the most recently bookmarked link (a.k.a. "pull" the link)

Pulling a URL

To pull a URL, bookmark the following link. I recommend naming it "Link Sync Pull":

In order to bookmark the pull URL, I recommend bookmarking the page you are on right now, then editing it, once added, to replace the word "docs" with the word "pull". (Trying to view the actual pull page to bookmark it won't work, since you'll be redirected immediately.)

Pushing a URL with the Link Sync Bookmarklet

You must login first to ensure the links below contain the proper token for your account.

This is the recommended method for bookmarking sites as it provides the most features, and is also the easiest to use.
Once you are logged in to Link Sync, drag and drop this link to your toolbar (or add it to your Favorites): Sync Push

You can now push a page to Link Sync by clicking on the bookmarklet. I recommend naming the bookmarklet "Link Sync Push", or simply "Push".

Setting up the Link Sync Bookmarklet on an iPhone

You must login first to ensure the links below contain the proper token for your account.

  1. Open this page on your iPhone. You can use Link Sync to easily push this page to your phone ;-)
  2. Click this link to load the javascript in your phone's menu bar
  3. Bookmark the page
  4. Go back into your bookmarks and edit the new item you added. Scroll to the very start of the URL and remove everything before the word "javascript" -- start deleting where it says "removeme_"
  5. If you're having trouble figuring this out, check out this link

Viewing Your Bookmarked URLs

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